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Capacity. Confidence. Critical Thinking

We are a consulting firm specializing in delivering transformative, strengths-based leadership development services to those looking for strong and impactful leaders. We work with schools, non-profits, and businesses because we understand that success at any organization is impossible without effective leadership.

.Our goal is to build leader's capacity, confidence and critical thinking. We do this through coaching (group and individual),

facilitation of personalized, high-quality, professional development, leadership program development, retreat planning, and strategic planning support.

Coaching Model


Increasing the knowledge, skills, and ability of our clients to effectively do the work.


Increasing the client's belief that they can be successful

Critical Thinking

Builiding our client's ability to effectively tackle challenges

Strengths-based approach


We believe that everyone brings strengths that should be amplified to address areas of development.

Our Approach

Authentic Leadership


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We believe that engaging in critical self-reflection and showing up as your whole self is key to strong leadership.

We believe in building the capacity of our clients to ensure sustainability of the knowledge, skills, and practices shared.


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We believe that identifying a clear vision with our clients is an essential step to achieving the desired impact.

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What We Can Do for You




Coaching (1:1 & Group)

Customized Workshop Development

Strategic Planning

Coaching offers the most support for your leadership journey. This is for clients who are ready to shrink the timeline to see results in their organization. This service is for you if you're ready to get to the next level and do it quickly.

Our customized training sessions are for leaders without the time to provide high-quality, impactful professional development for their team. Clients receive engaging, and well-planned sessions designed to address your identified areas of concern.

Strategic planning services are designed to support leaders with creating a concrete vision for the future. JCG will support with gathering stakeholder input, developing a plan, and managing successful implementation of the plan.

What We Can Do for You



Retreat Planning

Retreats can be difficult to plan and even harder to be an impactful use of the organization's time. JCG can plan, facilitate, and support your team to bond, think outside the box and tackle challenges , a creative and fun atmosphere.

Leadership Program Development

We understand that leaders often don't have the time needed to create, implement, and progress monitor an effective leadership development program. JCG can help your organization's next group of leaders to confidently and competently embrace the role thereby minimizing disruption.

What Our Clients Say

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"[JCG] provided exemplary, job-embedded training and coaching which has prepared me to become the leader that I am today. I gained leadership skills and the ability to foster trustworthy relationships with those I coached while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and accountability."

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"Your time with Rolandria will push you and shape you. If you’re working with her you need to be prepared to see your work environment differently, and ready to try new things. You’re about to learn a lot about what you’re capable of. You’ll remember your time with her forever."

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"The year I benefited from Rolandria’s coaching was the first year I realized my own value and saw myself as a leader. I am now an instructional coach, which I don’t think would have been something I would have felt capable of without Rolandria. She is so inspiring- knowing that she saw greatness in me forced me to realize it in myself."

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